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Customer Testimonials

Stuart Grant ,NJ@USA

Kei was my stylist for about 6 or 7 years when he was in the USA. He has the ability to comprehend what his customers need and I always trusted his sense and opinions. Also, he is a good listener and friend as well. I believe he will be successful wherever he chooses to set up his business .

Hiroki @USA.

ケイさんにはアメリカで約3年間お世話になりました。 いつもおおまかな希望しか伝えないのですが、毎回自分に似合うような髪型にして下さるので、安心しておまかせできます。 カットもとても丁寧で、いつもきれいに仕上げていただきました。腕前はぴか一です!自分の髪質は固めで普段スタイリングし難いのですが、ケイさんに切ってもらうととてもスタイリングし易い髪型にしてくれました。 私の一押しのスタイリストさんです。 Mr. Kei has been my hair stylist for almost 3 year in US. I don’t always have particular requests about my hair style but Kei always does a nice job cutting my hair to a style that suits me perfect. He is a super stylist and does his magic to make my hair style perfect. I strongly recommend Kei because he is the best stylist I have ever met.

Jeong S @USA.

Kei is amazing and he was my hair stylist for about 2 years when he was in USA. I’ve never been disappointed. For a guy, I am picky with my hair because I have very very thick/strong straight hair and I have a lot of hair. I mean alot! I completely trust him with my hair and I let him do his work. I always felt bad because I end up taking 1.5 times longer than a typical guy because of amount of hair I have and I am just picky but he always took the time and never complained. I believe he is extremely skilled at cutting and always ensuring his clients are satisfied. I would not goto any other places than him. 10 stars from me! You won’t regret it.

Masami @ Japan

ニューヨークにいる時はKeiさんに家に来てもらい髪を切ってもらっていました。 足をケガした時に家から出ることができなかったので1度だけのつもりでお願いしましたがそれから3年ほどお世話になりました。 Keiさんはいい意味ですごい適当(笑)で少し抜けた感じでとてもリラックスできる雰囲気のある方です。 いつも丁寧に仕事してくれますし仕上がりはいつも大満足でした。 私はもうニューヨークにはいなくてkeiさんはアムステルダムなのですね。 さすが自由人です。 遠くから応援していますがんばって下さい。

Kim sang-joon @USA

HONEST REVIEW FOR KEI I have been getting my hair cut place called ‘Big and Skinny’ for more than 3 years. Hair stylist who have cutting my hair went other State for personal reason and she recommended me Kei. First time I have doubt that he would cut my hair nicely as before and I was concerning that there would be language barrier between me and him. However after first service, my doubts and concerns were all gone. He knows how and what style would suitable for each customers. And also, he listen carefully what customer wants and remembers each clients history of hair styling. I think that would makes him best hair stylist I’ve met and I would highly recommend him. Whoever get his hair service will not be regret it. PS. Kei, Please come back to NJ, I can’t find anyone who is better than you. 🙁

Jae C. New Jersey, @USA

I have seen Kei-san for the past 4-5 years for my haircuts when he was in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA. I am a 34 year old male, and never had any complaints with his styling and services. He was my go-to stylist in town. For the first 3-4 years I moved away for grad school about 800km away but always waited to visit his salon every 3-4 months. Kei is one of the most sincerest guys I have met at a hair salon, and he is always professional but at the same time, likes to joke around and shares a sense of humor to lead interesting conversations while getting my haircut. [br num=”1″] He is also knowledgeable in hair hygiene and styling methods, and can recommend various ways to self-style your hair at home. He is very up-to-date on trendy styles, and he has no problem styling hair the…

Cris @Amsterdam

i was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. kei was extremely friendly and very helpful. kei is not overly talkative which sometimes makes me nervous the stylist isn’t paying full attention about my hair. i love my hair style now. love short short short!!!! i highly recommend someone who wants to be short hair to kei.

Dorothy @NJ

Kei was my stylist when he was in the USA. He was working at a Korean salon but he had a very superior technique compared to everyone else at the salon. He always asked and listened very carefully to my explanations and always cut my hair perfectly. I am so sad he has moved so far away but am confident many people will love working with him. Wishing you all the best Kei!!

Hiroshi @USA

I met Mr.Kei 3 years ago just after I started working in US. It was first time to visit a hair salon where he used to work. At that time,I was about to give up finding a hair stylist like who used to take care of my hair in Japan while checking hair salons online. Because she was too good. Before I left Japan, the hair stylist I previously mentioned had given me a paper explaing how to keep the same hair style I used to request her. Then, I passed it to Mr.Kei. I do remember he was reading the paper very carefully and started cutting my hair. Not only that, when you talk to him, you would see that he is more faithful than you think 🙂 He also has a sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. He does not just cut but customize per…

Katia Simonova, Fort Lee NJ@USA

Katia Simonova, Fort Lee NJ, USA Kei is an artist. He always listens to a client carefully and then applies his artistic vision to achieve the best possible look. The result is often more beautiful and stylish than the client has imagined. Most importantly, Kei loves what he does – and it shows. Highly recommended!

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