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  • Can I really get my hair cut at home?
    • I can provide my services anywhere as long as I have my tools. All you need to do is prepare a mirror and a chair for me. I will place a sheet beneath the chair before cutting your hair. I will borrow a broom and a dustpan after the cut to clean up the hair.
  • Where should I set up the mirror and chair?
    • As long as it’s not too small or dark, anywhere is fine.
      I think it will be better if the room is well lit so we can see each other.
  • What about the size of the mirror?
    • I can cut hair without a mirror, but from the customer’s perspective, I think you will feel more comfortable if there was a mirror.
      Please prepare a mirror big enough for you to see your face.
  • How do I make a reservation?
    • Please make a reservation through WhatsAPP or Line. I cannot respond during cuts. I will reply your message as soon as possible. 【See appointments
  • Are there discounts?
  • I want information on your next event
    • I update information through Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter or see the Twitter timeline on my website.
  • Can you travel to my house?
    • Please send me your address. I will check the distance using an app and respond accordingly. If you live within the A10 beltline, there is no problem.
      But even if you live elsewhere, if your house is within a 10-minute walking range from a tram/subway station, I will be able to provide my services. Please do not hesitate to contact me.【See cover areas


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