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Katia Simonova, Fort Lee NJ@USA

Katia Simonova, Fort Lee NJ, USA

Kei is an artist. He always listens to a client carefully and then applies his artistic vision to achieve the best possible look. The result is often more beautiful and stylish than the client has imagined. Most importantly, Kei loves what he does – and it shows. Highly recommended!

Asia Karasev (10), Fort Lee NJ, USA

I think now that Kei’s gone to Amsterdam I’m going to grow out my hair like Repunzel because I can’t find a hair stylist as good as Kei is.

Nick Karasev, Fort Lee NJ, USA

For the longest time I couldn’t believe Kei would actually leave us! The good people of Amsterdam are infinitely lucky to have such a great maestro of hair styling come to them. He is sorely, painfully, agonizingly missed here. I shed a tear every time I look at myself in the mirror now. Kei — without a doubt — is the best hair stylist I have ever had, a great friend, and a very good humored dude whose fashion choices never disappoint. Hell, I might book a flight to Amsterdam every now and then to get hair done by the Master. Anything else and I’d rather go bold…

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