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About me

Hello, my name is Kei.

I came to Amsterdam in spring 2016.

I worked as a hairstylist for 14 years in Japan and America. I worked very hard with every customer I had in my career.

Although I loved my job, I always had my doubts about being stuck with the same work style throughout my career, especially in this modern society where work style is becoming diversified.

Why Amsterdam?

I wanted to be free (I wanted to have my own business)
Being Japanese, I could easily give shape to my business ideas in Holland.

I want to do what I want to do (cut hair in various locations)
In Holland, there is no limit to where you can provide haircuts. Legally, I can work anywhere.

I want to live where I want to live (I lived in America, so now I want to live in Europe too)
If I’m going to live in Holland, where else than Amsterdam?

Although it’s called Hair Salon, I do not have a store, “yet”.

In Holland, you can go anywhere if you have a bicycle, so I decided to provide on-site haircuts as the first step of my business.

I go to America on a regular basis to provide haircuts for my clients. In the future, I wish to expand my client base to other European nations.I am looking forward to meeting wonderful clients in the years to come.

This is the beginning of Kei, on-site hairstylist. I will bring the salon to your home.

Hair Salon Kei

Kei Nagai



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