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Customer Testimonials

Charles Jang

Kei was my hair stylist for 5 years and throughout that time he never failed to provide me with the best haircuts. He always listens to the specifications that I want and he knows what style is right for my hair depending on the occasion and time of year. In the last year so many people have given me compliments and asked where I got my haircut. Kei has never disappointed me throughout the five years that he cut my hair and I am very sad that he is in Amsterdam

Charles Chung

Kei has cut my hair for the past 6 years in the US and if possible, I wouldn’t want anyone else to cut my hair for the rest of my life! Kei is absolutely amazing when it comes to personalizing and customizing your hair. After a couple of sessions, Kei knew exactly how my hair worked, and would work AROUND it. A lot of hairstylists tend to cut hair with their own agenda in mind in terms of how a specific hairstyle would look to a given person, but Kei caters his own personal style to fit your personal requests. He is absolutely phenomenal Kei is also extremely personable, and loves to create relationships with his clients. He might be a small dude, but he has a huge heart and loves sports. Get to know him and give him a chance! He is absolutely amazing. I miss him.

Mr Yoonsuk Han

Kei was my stylist when he was in USA. Prior to Kei, I have been getting my hair cut from different stylists, but once I met Kei, I knew I found the right person. Kei has excellent attention to detail and has always been up to date with trends. His skill is exceptional and he is also very personable and friendly. Long story short, Kei has been my stylist for 7 years. I was very sad when he moved to Amsterdam! I would recommend Kei to everyone. 저는 케이씨가 미국에 계실때 7년동안 케이씨에게 머리를 잘랐습니다. 케이씨 만나기전에는 이리저리 돌아 다니며 맘에드는 분을 찾고 있었는데, 한번 케이씨는 만나고 이사람이다 했습니다. 케이씨는 항상 친절하시고 머리 자르는 기술도 뛰어 나십니다. 정말 강추에요!

Toshi lives @ New York

I have my hair cut regularly by kei. I have been going to him for 3 years. Every time the service is cool and reliable. And I get compliments on the haircut too. he is the best!! He always gave me exactly the style I was looking for. you just follow his idea of hair style that’s all. and u will see his unique fashion.


Oh well, when the time comes when we need our hair styled, we truly miss Kei sang in New Jersey!. Kei was our stylist for last 4-5 (it’s been so long and can’t even remember) years.

Osterman Megumi Edgewater @NJ

2012年アメリカに引っ越してどこのヘアーサロンに行こうか悩みました。 日本人向けのフリーペーパーやネットでいろいろ探した中、Keiさんのいるサロンに行きました。 希望の長さを伝えてあとは彼にお任せしたのですが大満足の仕上がりでした。 丁寧なカットとスタイリング、そしてカラーリングも希望通りにしてくださいました。 世界で有名なヘアーサロン主催の勉強会にもときどき参加されては さらなる技術向上の努力をなさっていたそうです。 気さくな人柄でたくさんのお客様に愛されていました。

Birger Ostermann Edgewater @NJ

“Kei was my stylist in the USA near New York. He is highly reliably, polite and friendly. I have five years enjoyed his service and hope that he continues to make its customers happy. I can highly recommend him.”

Annie @USA

Because of my lazy personality and my tendency not to change once I decide something, for years after I came to America I got my hair done by one designer. Kai worked in the booth next to that designer, where I saw the refined and refreshing looks of his customers’ hair, befitting his style. After then, beginning with my teenage son, then my husband, then me, my whole household began to see Kei once a month for 3 years until Kei moved to the Netherlands.

Stuart Grant ,NJ@USA

Kei was my stylist for about 6 or 7 years when he was in the USA. He has the ability to comprehend what his customers need and I always trusted his sense and opinions. Also, he is a good listener and friend as well. I believe he will be successful wherever he chooses to set up his business .

Hiroki @USA.

ケイさんにはアメリカで約3年間お世話になりました。 いつもおおまかな希望しか伝えないのですが、毎回自分に似合うような髪型にして下さるので、安心しておまかせできます。 カットもとても丁寧で、いつもきれいに仕上げていただきました。腕前はぴか一です!自分の髪質は固めで普段スタイリングし難いのですが、ケイさんに切ってもらうととてもスタイリングし易い髪型にしてくれました。 私の一押しのスタイリストさんです。 Mr. Kei has been my hair stylist for almost 3 year in US. I don’t always have particular requests about my hair style but Kei always does a nice job cutting my hair to a style that suits me perfect. He is a super stylist and does his magic to make my hair style perfect. I strongly recommend Kei because he is the best stylist I have ever met.

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