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Jae C. New Jersey, @USA

I have seen Kei-san for the past 4-5 years for my haircuts when he was in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA. I am a 34 year old male, and never had any complaints with his styling and services. He was my go-to stylist in town. For the first 3-4 years I moved away for grad school about 800km away but always waited to visit his salon every 3-4 months. Kei is one of the most sincerest guys I have met at a hair salon, and he is always professional but at the same time, likes to joke around and shares a sense of humor to lead interesting conversations while getting my haircut.
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He is also knowledgeable in hair hygiene and styling methods, and can recommend various ways to self-style your hair at home. He is very up-to-date on trendy styles, and he has no problem styling hair the way you want it. Although there were times that I did not get to see him for months, he would always remember me and my usual hairstyle so that I did not have to explain how I wanted it every time. I definitely miss his services after he moved away to Amsterdam, but I plan to give him a visit if I ever get to visit over there. Overall, 5 stars, A+ rating as a hair stylist, and would personally recommend whether you are male or female.
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케이군이 일하던 미국 뉴저지 미용실에 다닌지 4-5년된 남자 손님입니다. 당시엔 좋은 미용사를 찾고있었는데 두어번 가본뒤에 헤어커팅 스킬과 성격에 반해 계속 가게 되었네요. 실력은 물론 말할것도 없고 머리 자르는동안 한번도 지루한적이 없네요. 헤어관리나 스타일링 관련 질문은 성심껏 답해주기도하고 때로는 농담도하면서 인생이야기나 자기 경험담 미래 계획 등 여러가지 대화도 해보았고 참 프로페셔널하면서 친절한 친구라는걸 알게됐습니다. 케이군은 최신 트렌디 스타일도 손님이 요구하는 커스텀 스타일도 다 소화할수 있는 실력있는 헤어 스타일리스트입니다. 완전 강추!

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