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How to make a reservation


Since I move around town by myself, many times I cannot pick up the phone. Therefore, please make a reservation through WhatsAPP, Line, or e-mail. Please send me your name, address, requested date and time.

If there are previous reservations, we will adjust the date and time accordingly. You can make a reservation on the day before the cut at the latest. It may be difficult to get a cut on the day, but if other customers cancel and my schedule opens up, I may be able to come by. Please contact me through the apps shown above.

1 day before the haircut (on the day too, if there are openings)

  1. Use apps like WhatsAPP、Line or e-mail and send a message to Kei
  2. Set a date, time, and location with Kei

On the day

  1. Get a mirror and a chair at the place you wish to get a haircut (customer)
  2. Kei will visit your home and prepare for a cut.
  3. Haircut
  4. Cleanup hair after the cut. (Kei)
  5. Please pay in cash (or money transfer) .


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