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Your house is your private salon.

My name is Kei. born in Japan with experience in both Japan and New York.

The merits and demerits of getting your hair cut at home


  • You don’t have to go anywhere
  • You don’t have to go out when it’s raining outside
  • You can save time it takes for you to get to the salon
  • All you need is a mirror and a chair
  • You can use your own shampoo and rinse after the cut
  • You can enjoy your cut with family member
  • Other people will not hear your conversation
  • You can enjoy a cut in a more relaxed state of mind at your own home
  • It’s cheaper than a salon

Of course, there are demerits as well.

  • No perms of coloring available
  • No shampoo/styling services available (Sorry if you wanted shampoo)

That’s about it. I plan on renting a store on specific days of the week to provide perms and coloring services, but for the time being, I wish to continue providing haircuts to those who request my services at their own homes.


Not owning a store and cutting in your room, these things lead to cost reduction, and so I set a low price to pass on the savings to you.

Also, as a hairstylist, I really want to finish my cut with a shampoo, but since I am not allowed, I decided to lower the price even further.


Hair style list

Ladies’ hair style: Short〜Bob

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Ladies’ hair style: Medium〜Long

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Men’s hair style

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Kid’s hair style

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Kei was great! It’s always scary getting a really short haircut but he gave me an end result much better than what I was expecting! He was patient and attentive. Thank you!

Jan @ Amstelveen Stadsheart

I am so happy to finally find someone always makes me satisfied after many disappointing experiences in Amsterdam. I was looking for Asian hair stylist. I saw his advertisement at the super market. It was really great haircut ! I felt in love with his skill. you know In nethrlands we don’t have great stylist for Asian people. I tried few salons but I couldn’t get satisfied. i don’t want him to back to New York.

Lilly F Nieuwmarkt @Amsterdam

Kei is my fav hair stylist for years. His services are so good Kei is so professional, he knows what I want and even better! U should definitely visit him. I used to go to the barber shop for long time. this is his mistake that he opened my eyes!! I became a one of picky clients of him.

Thomas D @Amsterdam Zuid

This is my first time cutting hair in Amsterdam. He provided very good service and give me better hair cut than before. I like my new hairstyle so much! Honestly, I tried so hard to find my ideal hair stylist and I found Kei is so good! The service was nice, and he is very considerate and professional! It’s beyond my expectation!

Susan @Amsterdam

I always feel like a princess whether I have a haircut with Kei My stylist Kei !!! he is a sweetheart and i would definitely recommend him. He has high skill and great personal! He gives me some energy always.

Sunmi @Den Haag

I did my haircut from Kei. I’m 100% satisfied and love my hair. It was heavy snow day but he came. He said ‘’ it doesn’t matter the weather.’’ i like this style that hair stylist comes to my place. because I have 3 kids I don’t have time to go to the hair salon. I recommend you to contact him.

Erica @Amstelveen

Had another wonderful time with Kei Kei is great! Have been going to Kei since I moved to Amsterdam two years ago! He never disappoint me! I want him to do high light.

Yuzu @Amsterdam Oost

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  • Women … 40
  • Men …….. 35

Please make use of the “Group discounts”.

How to make a reservation

Since I move around town by myself, many times I cannot pick up the phone. Therefore, please make a reservation through WhatsAPP, Line, or e-mail. Please send me your name, address, requested date and time.

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Contact information


  • whatsappWhatsAPP: 0614388330
  • lineLine: keiamsterdam


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