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Customer Testimonials

K Y@Amsterdam

Been going to Kei for a while and love everything about it! Amazing stylist, great personal! The cut is meticulously done and gets more stylish over time. Unfortunately he does only haircut so far.

Joyce @Amsterdam Noord

Kei is the only person I will let touch my hair! He has done many cuts for me and I absolutely love him. The experience every time is so lovely, today i look especially good

M,S @Amsterdam

美容師さんに来ていただけるというのは考えもしなかったのですが、やてみるととっても楽ですよ! 私は美容室が苦手なのでこのサービスにとても満足しています。 ほんとに上手だしよく話を聞いてくれます。 できないことはできないと言っていただけるのでいろいろ相談させてもらいました。

Misato @Amstelveen

ブログを通じてKeiさんを知り、知人の紹介もあり出張ヘアカットを試してみました。 親切で礼儀正しい男性という印象です。 とても上手に切っていただき大満足でした。 ほとんどの髪の毛は持って帰っていただけるので、お部屋が汚れることもありませんでした。 人生経験が豊富で話すと元気がでる不思議な人です。 おすすめです!

Shinji @Amstelveen

ドイツに転勤になるまでKeiさんに家に来てもらい家族みんなカットしてもらっていました。 子供が2人いるので髪の毛を切りたい時に、自宅に来ていただけるのでとても助かってました。 家でカットをしたことがなく不安でしたが、とてもきさくな方でおもしろく、ヘアカットにも満足でした。

Emma @Amstelveen

I went to see Kei and he was simply amazing. He’s so thoughtful with every cut and gave me a great consultation. Got an “a line bob” with him. He was super nice and personable. My hair looks the best it’s been for years!


This is one of my favorite haircut place (secret place) , Inexpensive, quick, cozy and great service. He is amazing and super friendly. I absolutely love him. He will take his time with you and listens to what you want.

Minh @Amsterdam Osdorp

Got a bob cut from Kei at my place and more than happy with the result. He was very attentive to what I wanted while giving suggestions as to what might fit better for me. He was very detailed and friendly. very satisfied and recommend!

Jacoline @Amsterdam Centrum

It’s been 1 year since we met. I found him on his web. I liked my cut with Kei. Listens to what I wanted and I got it! A bob with some weight off the back. Just a really great skill. So glad he comes to my place. I think he will have lots of clients in the future. i want him to get lots of clients! But I need my space!!

Aki @Amsterdam De Pijp

Kei cut my hair and he was wonderful! He paid great attention to detail. If you are looking for a precision haircut he is the right person. I have never been disappointed and the work is consistently great.