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Mr Yoonsuk Han

Kei was my stylist when he was in USA. Prior to Kei, I have been getting my hair cut from different stylists, but once I met Kei, I knew I found the right person. Kei has excellent attention to detail and has always been up to date with trends. His skill is exceptional and he is also very personable and friendly. Long story short, Kei has been my stylist for 7 years. I was very sad when he moved to Amsterdam! I would recommend Kei to everyone.

저는 케이씨가 미국에 계실때 7년동안 케이씨에게 머리를 잘랐습니다. 케이씨 만나기전에는 이리저리 돌아 다니며 맘에드는 분을 찾고 있었는데, 한번 케이씨는 만나고 이사람이다 했습니다. 케이씨는 항상 친절하시고 머리 자르는 기술도 뛰어 나십니다. 정말 강추에요!

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