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Oh well, when the time comes when we need our hair styled, we truly miss Kei sang in New Jersey!. Kei was our stylist for last 4-5 (it’s been so long and can’t even remember) years.

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I have two sons 11 and 10, and Kei made all three of us look great for years. Before we go how Kei does make you styled you will love, Kei is a great person. We loved when we go to see him every month, even kids loved to get their hair styles by Kei (normally, kids hate to go to hair salon! ). Also, we always chatted while he is working on my hair, about sports, mostly baseball (all major league players from Japan and Korea (I’m a Korean American lives in U.S. by the way) also Soccer!. lol)
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I can highly recommend Kei sang if you want the best hair styled in your town!
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안녕하세요?[br num=”1″]
저는 미국 뉴저지에 있는 사람입니다. 저히가 카이씨에게 머리를 자른지는 4-5년 되었습니다. 저희 아들 둘 하고 카이씨에게 매월 머리를 자르러 가는데요, 머리도 잘 잘라주지만, 사람도 아주 좋은 사람이라고 생각됩니다. 새로운 곳에서도 새로운 좋은 손님들이 많이 생기리라 믿구요, 적극 추천합니다! 감사합니다.

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