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Customer Testimonials

Mr.Tetsuya @USA.

Tetsuya lives in USA Kei is fantastic stylist. He has not only reliable skill, but fabulous speed and good memories in my hair style history. While I had been with him for 2 years, he always got me exactly what I wanted then after back to home my wife at all times praised my new hair style and his skill, not me… yes, she is also big fan of him! Only regret is his leaving for Amsterdam, but we hope his success there as well then hope to get his hair cut somewhere!

[:en]Ms.Eun yong Moon @USA[:ja]Eun yong Moon @USA[:]

Eun yong Moon lives in USA I was Kei’s client for over 5 years when he used work in NYC. I believe that he knows style on individual type of face shape! Also he has extremely detailed hands. I loved his advise!! You must see it and how Kei makes it!

Mr.Sang @USA

Sang lives in NJ Kei was my stylist when he was in USA. I had been coming to Kei for over 4 years, I think that already speaks volumes. He always listen to what I want to try and always does a great job!! I’m constantly getting compliments about my hair and have recommended quite a few friends. As a designer in my business, the style and appearance of myself is one of the important things I should keep it looked sharp and professional. And because of his professional service, it was always pleasure to see myself in a good shape. He’s kind, cool and always know what the client want. I definitely recommend him to someone who couldn’t find the right stylist yet.

Mr.Simeon @Amsterdam.

Simeon (from Bulgaria) lives in Amsterdam. Me, man, no like change of routine: go to same hair cutter for many years. Girl friend says hair is all wrong, l visit this hair cutter to get hair cut done, Girlfriend happy after that. .i’m happy as well. Be back when hair longer.

Mr.Armand @Amsterdam

Armand ( from Portugal) lives in Amsterdam. Kei does a great job with my haircut. It seems simple enough but it is attention to the details that make all the difference.,and Kei takes the time to make it perfect. l’ll be his client absolutely. try him!

Ms.Yoko @USA

I had been struggling with taking care of my hair for a long time. I basically have thick hair and natural waive hair that always get me hard time . I met Kei in 2011 in NY , Kei amazingly changed my life…

Mr.Bond @USA

Kei has been cutting my hair for a while and he is one of my favorite hairstyle. Not only he does my hair right, but also he is a very nice person. I would like to recommend you to getting a haircut with him . ผมใช้บริการตัดผมจากเคมาเป็นเวลานานพอสมควร. ในการใช้บริการตัดผมจากเคทุกครั้งผมรู้สึกชอบและประทับทุกครั้ง. เคเป็นชั่งผมที่เก่งคนหนึ่งที่ผมไว้ใจ ผมอยากแนะนำเคให้ทุกคนมาใช้บริการแล้วคุณจะประทับใจครับ.

Ms.Rie @Amsterdam

今回、アムステルダムでKEIさんに出張カットをしてもらいました。 カットの技術はもちろん大満足ですが、それ以上に、彼の仕事や人に対する姿勢、プロ意識の高さには圧巻です。 カットをしていることを忘れるくらい、楽しいトークもしてくれますので、アムステルダムで美容師をお探しの方はぜひKEI さんまで 特に、子育てに忙しいママさんや、仕事で忙しくてなかなか美容室に行く時間がとれない方におすすめです。 アムステルダムで、予約の取れない人気美容師Keiになることを祈って心を込めて Rie より

Ms.Mari @USA

ケイさんはすごく親切で才能のあるプロ意識の高い美容師さんだと思います!いつも満足してます。 アメリカ来たときはまたお願いします。 K is the best hairstylist in NY! He is very kind, professional and talented! I’m always satisfied.

Ms.Koyomi @USA

Kei is a so talented, experienced stylist! My hair always looks always fantastic and feels so good:) He is very knowledgeable about hair. And he is honest and in a good taste with fashion so if you ask him for a suggestion, you cannot go wrong with his suggestion! Keiさんはおしゃれで、気さくな方で技術も経験も豊富なので髪質やライフスタイルによってベストな髪を提案してくれるので髪の手入れが楽ちんです!私の彼もkeiさんに切って頂いてるのですがスタイリングがすごくしやすいそうで二人で施術後いつも大満足です!

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