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Kim sang-joon @USA

I have been getting my hair cut place called ‘Big and Skinny’ for more than 3 years.
Hair stylist who have cutting my hair went other State for personal reason and she recommended me
Kei. First time I have doubt that he would cut my hair nicely as before and I was concerning that there
would be language barrier between me and him. However after first service, my doubts and concerns
were all gone. He knows how and what style would suitable for each customers. And also, he listen
carefully what customer wants and remembers each clients history of hair styling. I think that would
makes him best hair stylist I’ve met and I would highly recommend him. Whoever get his hair service will
not be regret it.
PS. Kei, Please come back to NJ, I can’t find anyone who is better than you. 🙁

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